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In 2003, the Institute’s board of directors created an endowment fund. The Institute’s Endowment is invested with the Sacramento Region Community Foundation. Your support of the Institute for Local Government is of great value, enabling us to continue providing valuable resources to promote good government at the local level.


About Giving

Donations can be gifts of cash or appreciated property or securities. Donations may be given in memory or honor of public servants. Public officials leaving office may also donate surplus campaign funds. The Institute is a 501(c)(3) organization, which means gifts may involve tax advantages.  


ILG Donors

The Institute is extraordinarily grateful to those who have contributed to its continuing efforts:

  • Teresa Acosta
  • Stephany Aguilar
  • Bader Family Fund
  • Michele Beal Bagneris
  • Don Benninghoven
  • Patrick S. Blacklock
  • Stanley Caldwell
  • Salud Carbajal
  • Matt Cate
  • Brett Channing
  • Oliver Chi
  • Carolyn Coleman
  • Hal Conklin
  • Rosemary M. Corbin
  • Greg and Cheryl Cox
  • Ryan DeVore
  • Mike Doyle
  • Pablo Espinoza
  • Alan Fernandes
  • Alice Fredericks
  • Randi Johl
  • Graham Knaus
  • Lee Lor
  • Henry Gardner
  • Mark S. Gaughan
  • Martin Gonzalez
  • Nicholas Gonzalez
  • Rod Gould
  • Richard Haffey
  • Daniel Harrison
  • Yvonne Hunter (in honor of Jere Melo)
  • Alma Janabajab
  • Patricia M. Jones
  • R. Michael Kasperzak Jr. (in memory of Tom Cooke)
  • James R. Keene Jr.
  • Roger Kemp
  • Tamara Letourneau
  • Neil McCormick
  • Chris McKenzie
  • League of California Cities (in honor of JoAnne Speers)
  • Pat Martel
  • Daniel T. Miller
  • Harriet Miller
  • Kathleen Millison
  • Richard Montgomery
  • William Nelson
  • Sue Novasel
  • Jerry Patterson
  • Steve Perez
  • Marcia Raines
  • Nat Rojanasathira
  • Lydia Romero
  • Amy Shuklian
  • Gordon Smith (in memory of Ruth Vreelend)
  • Southern California Edison (in honor of Jerry Patterson)
  • JoAnne Speers (in memory of Randy Hamilton)
  • Erin Steffen
  • Hilary Straus
  • Art Takahara
  • Casey Tanaka
  • Daniel K. Whitehurst
  • Ben Wong, Edison International

Gifts to the Institute for Local Government’s endowment may be made by tax deductible gift or bequest. As a 501(c)(3), the Institute may also receive surplus campaign funds. For more information about contributing to the endowment, contact Melissa Kuehne at or (916) 658-8202.

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