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Climate Adaptation and Resilience


Climate Adaptation and Resilience

Climate change will impact California in a number of critical ways, including impacts on agriculture from changing in weather patterns, water availability, increased severe heat events, droughts, heavy rains, reduced snow pack, rising sea levels, and changes in disease patterns. Thus, California cities and counties need to begin to plan now to adapt to the impacts of climate change.


Climate Adaptation & Resilience Resources

Local governments need to”adapt” or make changes to prepare for and negate the effects of climate change, thereby reducing the vulnerability of communities and ecosystems. By adapting to cope with the effects of climate change, communities, enterprises and institutions can build up their climate change resilience. The resources in this section can help local agencies in their planning.


Local Climate Adaptation & Resilience Plans

View real examples of climate adaptation plans in California to better understand the variety of formats adaptation planning can take.  You can also use these examples to help identify strategies which might work in your community.


Regional Collaborations for Adaptation

Helping cities and counties plan for and adapt to climate change impacts is a fairly new field of work. Many of the collaborative regional efforts that have been working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are now also starting to address adaptation.  Find regional collaboratives in California to help link with other cities and counties working on similar issues.

If you know of an additional regional collaborative addressing climate adaptation in your area, please let us know.

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