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What Do Staff Do?


Public agency staff play a number of roles. Some of these roles involve providing agency services and facilities; others involve presenting information and analysis to decision-makers.

More specifically, agency staff:

  • Analyze options for decision-makers, including how proposals stack up against currently adopted policies and standards;

  • Make recommendations on matters brought to elected officials based on staff’s training and experience;

  • Implement programs and provides services to the public approved by the decision-making bodies;

  • Suggest new policies or programs or how existing policies or programs can be improved or operated more effectively;

  • Make administrative decisions for the agency based on adopted legislative policies and direction;

  • Maintain a record of proceedings and actions of the public agency; and

  • Determine financial impacts of all policy options available.

Many staff bring significant policy, technical, program area, or management expertise to their work in service to the public.

Particularly valuable are staff members who are willing to speak up to keep the agency from making mistakes or falling short of the public’s expectations. 

Because many of these individuals spend all or most of their careers working for public agencies, they often are deeply committed to public service and the communities they serve.

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