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Social Media & Public Engagement Best Practices for Local Governments


About this Webinar

Social media is the hub for all things happening in local communities and their local governments. Governments have had to learn how to navigate the noise of social media, especially in the last couple years where public health crises have made virtual communication vital. Diverse and wide-reaching social media platforms can mean that local governments have more tools than ever to effectively reach their communities, and now that in-person events are returning in full force, social media provides a virtual engagement tool to work alongside public events. Social media can also be a source of misinformation and division, which creates challenges for local governments trying to build trust with their communities. Join the Institute for Local Government, Tripepi Smith, and California local leaders for the first part of this webinar series to discuss how developing cohesive in-person and social media campaigns builds trust within communities and their local governments.


  • Jon Barilone, Principal, Tripepi Smith
  • Andrew Vialpando, Assistant City Manager, City of Paramount
  • Wendy L. Williams, Director of Communications and Public Affairs, Placer County

Moderated by Melissa Kuehne, Senior Program Manager, Institute for Local Government

Event Recording

Social Media & Public Engagement Best Practices for Local Governments


Sample Social Media Policies

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