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The Future of Recycling Programs: Sustainable Funding Sources



Counties and cities have many options available to help fund recycling and solid waste programs in their communities and sometimes is can be hard to navigate which is best for your community. A growing number of local governments are looking for ways to make their funding sources sustainable. This webinar focuses on the traditional and innovative ways that cities and counties across the state are funding these programs.

Panelists discuss:

  • An overview of funding mechanisms available to cities and counties across California including: user fees, franchise fees, tipping fees and sales of recyclable materials among other sources;
  • Opportunities for cities and counties to use these options to fund sustainable programs in their communities; and
  • How Kern County created a program that provides a steady, predictable funding stream.


  • Rob Hilton, Vice President, HF&H Consultants, LLC
  • Doug Landon, Director, Waste Management Department, Kern County

Presentation and Recording

The Future of Recycling Programs: Sustainable Funding Sources

The powerpoint is available under “Documents & Resources” on the right.



Kern County – Financing Recycling Through a Land Use Fee
Case Story

Kern County has a unique way of funding its integrated waste management – a “land use fee” charged annually to county residents and collected on their property tax bill. This fee provides steady, predictable funding to support residential disposal of solid waste, recycling, household hazardous waste disposal and other programs, and helps to keep illegal dumping to a minimum. 

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