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Financing Energy at the Local Level

Webinar Brendan Reed

Hosted Tuesday December 6, 2011


  • Brendan Reed, Environmental Resource Manager, City of Chula Vista
  • Maria Sanders, Environmental Services Division, City of El Cerrito
  • Laura Ryan, Manager, Energy & Sustainability, City of Pleasanton


This free one-hour and 15-minute webinar, the second in the Financing Sustainability series offered through the Institute’s Sustainable Communities Learning Network, explored different funding opportunities being leveraged by local governments to support energy and sustainability programs in their communities. The City of Chula Vista discussed partnership opportunities to reduce energy consumption in both agency facilities and the community through California’s Investor Owned Utilities. The City of El Cerrito will explained the creation of an energy revolving fund to capture dollar savings achieved through energy efficiency retrofits in order to sustain local efforts. Last, the City of Pleasanton talked about working with energy services companies to establish performance contracts that fund the up-front costs of energy efficiency projects while the agency benefits from lower operating costs and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Webinar Recording

Financing Energy at the Local Level

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