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Tools and Resources to Help Local Agencies Understand Non-Profits

Local agencies and non-profits are complex and dynamic organizations. In this section, the Institute offers resources to help local agencies understand the rules and opportunities for working with non-profit organizations.


Assessing a Nonprofit’s Financial Health: Understanding Form 990’s

The Internal Revenue Service requires 501(c)  nonprofit organizations to file a “Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax” on Form 990.  Prepared annually, form 990s can provide local agencies considering collaborations with nonprofits a sense of a given nonprofit’s financial health and governance practices.


Local Agencies and Nonprofits Partner on Purchasing

U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance™ (“U.S. Communities™”) is a nationwide purchasing cooperative. Open to local and state public agencies, school districts (K-12), higher education and nonprofit organizations, U.S.


Tips on How to Work With Community-Based Organizations

Learn how local agencies can benefit from working with community-based organizations and suggestions for success when working with these organizations.


Key Steps in Creating a Partnership or Collaboration

Partnering with other organizations or agencies is essential to maximize your efforts at enrolling children in no- or low-cost health insurance or for any other joint efforts. Thinking of the relationship as a partnership rather than a contract will enhance the success of the effort. Learn steps that will help create a successful endeavor.


Improving Your Chances for Success in Partnerships

The key to success in engaging other organizations and agencies in a collaborative effort is in how you approach the collaboration both in terms of your actions and your attitude. Learn actions and attitudes that will support collaboration.

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