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Brian Moura
Retired Assistant City Manager & Green Programs Coordinator, City of San Carlos


About Brian

Brian Moura recently left his position as Assistant City Manager for the City of San Carlos, which he held since 1986.  Brian managed the City’s Green Programs and Climate Protection Projects, Interdepartmental Projects, Public Information, Property Management and Legislation programs, Economic Development and Technology activities for the City Manager’s Department and served as the Acting City Manager in the City Manager’s absence.  Among his many additional roles in regional efforts, Brian was also involved in the formation of Joint Venture: Silicon Valley.

After Mr. Moura left his position as the Assistant City Manager for the City of San Carlos, he began working on various projects in his spare time. He recently released a publication that he authored in April of 2014 for the Institute for Local Governments called The Online Citizen Engagement Guide which is a free, online guide that focuses on ways to use online technologies and social media to enhance citizen engagement and outreach programs at cities, counties and special districts in California.

ILG Contributions

Beacon Participant Profile
City of San Carlos

City of San Carlos

“The City of San Carlos continues to be a leader in Green Programs and initiatives dealing with Climate Protection at the City, County and Regional levels. In San Carlos, the City has teamed up with the San Carlos Chamber of Commerce and San Carlos Green to bring these programs and efforts to a city-wide audience. The City Staff handles Green Programs at the City Government, the Chamber of Commerce works with the business community and San Carlos Green works with San Carlos residents.

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