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Organics Recycling Case Studies


Nine SB 1383 case studies highlight promising practices local agencies have undertaken to prepare for new organics recycling regulations, including franchise agreements, enforcement ordinances, edible food and procurement.

Case Story

Franchise Agreements

Franchise agreements can serve as a tool to provide organics collection services, new color-coded containers to each customer, extensive outreach and education and more.


Enforcement Ordinances

Local agencies can pass enforcement ordinances to require businesses, institutions, residences and others to subscribe to recycling and organics collection service, establish field inspectors to monitor compliance and issue fines and create a system to provide outreach support and technical assistance to regulated entities and more.


Edible Food

SB 1383’s regulations place direct requirements on jurisdictions to implement edible food recovery programs to reduce food waste and associated emissions. Local agencies can establish and partner with local programs to including a recover edible food from institutions, retailers and others and redistribute it to families in need.



Under SB 1383, local agencies will be required to annually procure recovered organic waste products starting in 2022. Local agencies can pursue partnerships, utilize anaerobic digesters and more to meet these requirements.

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