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Building In Healthy Infill
ChangeLab Solutions, June 2014

Building In Healthy Infill provides an overview of four core issues of critical concern to creating healthy infill: (1) transportation, (2) air quality, (3) access to daily needs and services, and (4) quality, affordable housing. This guide also includes tips and strategies for planners and public health advocates, and examples of general plan policies that support healthy infill in diverse California communities.


Livable Community Indicators for Sustainble Aging in Place
MetLife Mature Market Institute, March 2013

Communities in the U.S. can follow a relatively simple and low cost initial set of indicators to determine if their services meet the needs of an aging population. These indicators can be measured using information that is readily available and adaptable to local governments, providing a low-cost way for local governments to begin to examine the specific needs of their aging populations.


A Municipal Action Guide for Developing Green Affordable Housing
National League of Cities, 2009

The National League of Cities has published a Municipal Action Guide, “Creating Green Affordable Housing,” to assist cities in developing workable policies and practices and identify funding resources linked to sustainability programs.


Aging Well in Communities: A Toolkit for Planning, Engagement & Action
Center for Civic Partnerships

The Center for Civic Partnerships has produced a toolkit outlining a community-based planning process to promote healthy aging. The Toolkit is a user-friendly guide to help local governments, human service providers, community groups and other partners plan now to address both the challenges and opportunities that are coming.


Healthy Housing Reference Manual

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s manual describes the basic principles of safe and healthy housing in terms of the physiological, psychological, and protection needs that housing provides as well as twelve other chapters on topics from electricity to residential swimming pools to indoor air pollution.


National Center for Healthy Housing

The National Center for Healthy Housing promotes and conducts research, provides a searchable clearinghouse of resources, and supports implementation of policies that encourage safe, decent, and sanitary housing as a means for preventing disease and injury.


Universal Design: Housing for the Lifespan of All People
Center for Universal Design

A publication from the Center for Universal Design on accessible, adaptable, and universal design housing features or features in housing intended for use by people with disabilities and others.

“Universal Design Features in Housing” is a complement document, which defines universal design and lists different design features with corresponding benefits.  

Download both documents on the right under “Documents and Resources.”


Establishing a Local Housing Trust Fund

A safe, affordable home is the cornerstone of the California dream. Providing a full range of housing choices is one of the most fundamental elements of a vibrant and livable community. Unfortunately, the dream is out of economic reach for far too many families in California.


Ensuring Continued Affordability in Homeownership Programs

The initial creation of affordable housing for homeowners requires a major effort by local government, developers, housing organizations, and citizens alike.


The California Inclusionary Housing Reader

This 2003 publication was designed to help local leaders decide whether an inclusionary housing ordinance was right for their community. It includes an annotated sample inclusionary housing ordinance. The Institute is grateful to McDonough Holland & Allen PC for its support for this publication.

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