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Public Engagement Case Stories


The Public Engagement pages of the Institute’s website provide information and resources to help local officials and their communities make good decisions about the design, delivery and assessment of their public engagement processes.

“There’s a difference between input and participation. Citizens can give input through public hearings and during comment periods – essentially opportunities to sound off with their opinions. But effective solutions emerge only when citizens participate in decision making through workshops and other forums where they engage in listening, collaboration and weighing the trade-offs.” – Rick Cole, Former Ventura City Manager

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Christal Love Lazard
Program Coordinator, Public Engagement
Telephone: (916) 658-8221
E-mail Christal

ILG Public Engagement Panel of Advisors

The Public Engagement  program benefits from the input of a panel of advisors. These panel members provide guidance and feedback to help us understand and respond to the public engagement-related needs of local officials in California.  A downloadable list of panel members can be found to the right.

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