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Plan Bay Area/YouChoose Workshops


Attend a workshop and explore an interactive web-based simulation outlining different growth options for the Bay Area.

Over the next two decades the Bay Area is expected to add 900,000 new households and an estimated 1.2 million new jobs. Increasing traffic, cost of living and the realities of climate change require us to get smarter about what we build and where we build it.

How will these changes affect this place we call home? That depends on you.

Join Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Greenbelt Alliance, TransForm and the Bay Area’s regional planning agencies at a YouChoose forum, where you can:

  • Experiment with housing and transportation options and see how they will impact your community and the things you care about most.
  • Give immediate input to local and regional leaders who will decide where to direct new development and how transportation dollars should be spent.

The choices that are made today will determine the future for generations to come. Will you make those choices or leave them to someone else?

Learn more about YouChoose Bay Area and to see when workshops will be held in your respective county by clicking on “Get Involved” (on right).

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