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Information for Other States


By taking part in activities to enroll children in affordable health insurance, cities help children succeed in school and perform effectively in the classroom. Mayors have the ability to direct attention to this important issue and devote resources to it.”
— Mayor Ron Loveridge, Riverside; National League of Cities President 2010

Since 1997, the federally sponsored State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) has provided health coverage to children with working parents who cannot afford or are not offered health insurance for their dependents. According to the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, more than 7 million children can see a doctor when they are sick and get the health care they need to stay well. Despite SCHIP’s success, 8.7 million children nationwide are still without health insurance.

Applicability of Activities for Communities Outside of California

The activities and best practices that were compiled in California (and are presented on this site) are applicable throughout the country and can assist cities, counties, health plans and others that are interested in enrolling children in affordable health insurance. For a list of activities, click here. Communities outside of California should check with their state regulatory agency for enrollment information and/or criteria.

Insurance Overview for Other States

Additional information on individual states version of SCHIP can be located from the Foundation for Health Care Coverage Education. The website outlines each state’s public and private health care choices for individuals and groups (including affordable health insurance options for children) as well as offering a reference list of phone numbers and web sites.

Income Eligibility Requirements

The SCHIP Map from the Foundation for Health Care Coverage Education shows the income limits for a family of four of each state’s SCHIP program. Click here to download.

Conducting Outreach in an Educational Setting

Schools are trusted community institutions and offer an effective conduit for children’s health insurance outreach and enrollment activities throughout the country. By partnering with schools, public agencies can further help get children enrolled in affordable health insurance. Many of the events and activities that bring teachers or school administrators together with families can be used as an opportunity to provide information about the availability of affordable health insurance for children and to offer application assistance. Before partnering with a school, it may be useful to determine the governing structure of the public school system to ensure that activities are not duplicated. More information is located here.

Information for Selected States

At the request of the Anthem Blue Cross Foundation, the funder of this project, the Institute offers information about children’s health insurance options in the fourteen states where Anthem Blue Cross conducts state-sponsored programs. Read more for additional information.

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