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Immigrant Integration Case Stories


Learn how local governments and their communities are successfully integrating immigrants in the civic and public life of their communities.

Case Story

California Communities Launch “Welcoming” Initiatives to Strengthen Relationships Between Immigrants and Longer-Term Residents

Two California cities, Redwood City and the City of Oakley, are implementing initiatives to improve understanding and strengthen relationships between immigrant community members and longer-term residents. Both communities have undertaken multi-sector planning efforts, with a substantial partnership role for local officials, to develop their respective immigrant “welcoming” program.

Case Story

C.A.R.O.N. – Community Alliance to Revitalize Our Neighborhood: Violence Prevention by Engaging Youth and Immigrant Families

C.A.R.O.N. (Community Alliance to Revitalize Our Neighborhood), an initiative of the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office, works to create strong and healthy immigrant families that are integrated into their community.

Case Story

Santa Clara County Supports Coordinated Immigrant Integration and Engagement Effort

To better support the integration of immigrants into the community, Santa Clara County established IRIS – Immigrant Relations and Integration Services. Housed in the County Office of Human Relations, IRIS staff members work on projects that promote positive immigrant relations and integration.


Pomona Finds Community Collaborators to Expand Offerings at the Pomona Economic Opportunity Center

Since its inception in 1998, the Pomona Economic Opportunity Center (PEOC) has maximized community resources and build strong collaborative ties to the community in support of their successful programs for day laborers.


Graton Uses Develops Day Labor Center with Consensus Process

Since 2007 the Graton Day Labor Center has opened its doors to workers, employers, and community members to serve as a hiring site for day laborers and a community center to be enjoyed by all. Through a unique process of consensus building between community, government, workers, and business leaders Graton is home to a successful day labor center that serves the entire community.

Case Story

Welcoming Cities Across the United States

A growing number of cities in the United States are recognizing the economic and social benefits of becoming Welcoming communities. See here stories from Dayton, Ohio, Greater Detroit, and Boise, Idaho.

Case Story

Boulder County, Colorado: Boulder County Dialogues on Immigrant Integration

In 2006, Boulder, Colo., created the Immigrant Advisory Committee (IAC) to encourage immigrant participation in the city’s government and to inform local policy decisions affecting the immigrant community. The IAC serves to ensure equal access to city services, promote civic engagement and to advise the city manager on issues of importance in the local immigrant community.

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