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Boulder County, Colorado: Boulder County Dialogues on Immigrant Integration

Case Story

In 2006, Boulder, Colo., created the Immigrant Advisory Committee (IAC) to encourage immigrant participation in the city’s government and to inform local policy decisions affecting the immigrant community. The IAC serves to ensure equal access to city services, promote civic engagement and to advise the city manager on issues of importance in the local immigrant community.The IAC is a unique council, comprised of a maximum of seven immigrant residents of Boulder.Members, who may be citizens or non-citizens, are appointed to effectively represent the demographics of Boulder’s immigrant populations. Members are active in the community and have a vested interest in improving immigrant residents’ access to city services and activities.

The IAC has advised a variety of city departments over the years, including human resources, the Boulder Public Library, the fire department and the parks and recreation department. In addition, the IAC has provided input for several city plans and programs, such as the Transit Village Area Plan and Economic Vitality Program.

Visit the City of Boulder website here. For more information about the IAC, please contact Carmen Atilano at or (303) 441-3141.

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