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ILG Responds to Recent Attack on Democracy


A Statement from the CEO & Executive Director of the Institute for Local Government

Following the events in the US Capitol on Wednesday, the CEO & Executive Director of the Institute for Local Government (ILG) issued the following statement:

“The failed insurrection at our nation’s Capitol yesterday was an unprecedented assault on our democracy and the time-honored tradition and expectation of a peaceful transition of power. 

For more than 65 years, the Institute for Local Government has been dedicated to upholding and promoting good governance. Recent events have shed even more light on the importance of those endeavors to the foundation of our democracy, both locally and on a national scale.

ILG will continue to do the important work of empowering local government leaders and delivering real-world expertise to help them navigate complex issues, increase their capacity and build trust in their communities.

The democratic process – including public engagement and civic participation – often begins at the local level. During this time of national unrest, our local government leaders have an opportunity to model strong leadership and good governance to reinforce the value of our democratic institutions and process. 

As a champion of local government and fervent advocate of our republic, ILG will continue to provide local leaders at California’s cities, counties and special districts with the resources and tools they need to meet this historic moment. We remain committed to democracy, civility, integrity, ethics and equity. 

Working together, we can emerge from this crisis a more resilient, just and unified America.”

Erica L. Manuel
CEO & Executive Director
Institute for Local Government

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