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Helping Families Find Affordable Children’s Health Insurance: A Local Official’s Guide – List of Resources

Helping Families Find Affordable Children’s Health Insurance: A Local Official’s Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions
3. What are the income levels for families whose children may be eligible for no- or low-cost health insurance?

2009 Federal Poverty Levels
Insurance Overview

6. How can I access materials to assist communities that want to develop a program to enroll children in no- or low-cost health insurance?

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2. Invite Health Plans to Community Events to Provide Information and Follow-Up for Families
The Online Resource Center provides sample referral cards for agencies to use.
English Referral Cards
Spanish Referral Cards

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4. Work with an Outside Certified Application Assistant To Help Families Complete the Application .

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6. Assign an Agency Staff Member to Become a Certified Application Assistant

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9. Collaborate With Schools
Teachers for Healthy Kids offers an excellent resource for working with teachers and schools.

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Templates and Resources: Helpful Materials You Can Use in Your Community

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Insurance Overview
Information about the Healthy Kids Program Eligibility Requirements

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Tips for Working With Schools
4. Remember these key facts
Flyers and communication to parents may need to be translated into other languages.
The Insure Kids Online Resource Center has templates for brochures and flyers that can be used.

5. Find out whether Teachers for Healthy Kids can offer assistance

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Working with Health Insurance Providers
Key Tips for Working With Health Plans And Children’s Health Initiatives
Is there a Children’s Health Initiative in your area?
Check to see if a Children’s Health Initiative is operating in your county.

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Information for Communities Outside California
Insurance Overview for Other States
Additional information about individual states’ version of SCHIP is available from the Foundation for Health Care Coverage Education.

Income Eligibility Requirements
The SCHIP Map from the Foundation for Health Care Coverage Education shows each state’s SCHIP program income limits for a family of four.

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How National Health-Care Reform May Affect Coverage for Kids
Resources for Additional Information


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