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Case Stories
Health, Transportation and Mobility


Access case stories that highlight examples of communities incorporating health considerations into transportation and mobility planning.  Each story includes lessons learned, links to additional resources and can help others consider options to adapt to meet their communities’ unique circumstances.

Some of the case stories were prepared in collaboration with other Institute programs.

Case Story City of El Cerrito
View of San Pablo Avenue and Cerrito Theater

El Cerrito Transforms Urban Highway into Main Street with Pedestrian and Environment-Friendly Amenities

The City of El Cerrito in the East Bay of San Francisco is redesigning the main street of their city into a bicycle, pedestrian and environmentally friendly streetscape.

Case Story

Baldwin Park Adopts One of the Strongest Complete Street Policies in the Nation

The City of Baldwin Park, once known for having the highest incidence of obesity in the central San Gabriel Valley region, now has one of strongest complete street policies in the nation. The policy is aimed at creating a safe and efficient transportation system that promotes health and mobility for all of Baldwin Park’s residents and visitors

Case Story City of Davis
A student scanning station

Technology Inspires Kids and Strengthens Safe Routes to School Program in Davis

This case story explores an innovative system adopted by the City of Davis that is inspiring kids to bike and walk to school. The Active4me program is a collaborative effort among parents, advocates and city staff, and tracks kids’ miles to and from school.

Case Story

Alameda County – Affordable Housing Anchors Transit Oriented Development

With a goal of increasing transit ridership in a ½ mile radius of the downtown Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station, the City of San Leandro received a planning grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) to focus on the proposed downtown bus rapid transit corridor and existing BART service.

Case Story

Los Angeles County – Innovative Infrastructure Investments Increase Non-Motorized Transportation

To fulfill the city council’s goal of becoming an environmentally sustainable community by 2012, the City of Covina is seeking innovative solutions and pioneering new technology to get people to drive less and to walk, bike and use transit more often.

Case Story

City of Riverside – Land Use & Community Design Program to Address Climate Change

The Riverside bicycle master plan, the result of comprehensive planning for future bicycle mobility in the city, envisions over 140 miles of new bike paths, lanes and routes to connect commuters with jobs, students with schools, and the general population with parks, shopping and regional bicycle trails.


Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center Case Study Compendium
PBIC, 2010

A collection of case studies developed by the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center and the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals, covering pedestrian and bicycle projects and programs that include engineering, education, enforcement, encouragement, planning, health promotion, and comprehensive safety initiatives.

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