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Case Stories
Health & Housing


These case stories highlight examples of integrating housing options in healthy neighborhoods. Each story includes lessons learned, links to additional resources and can serve as examples other agencies may consider and adapt to meet their communities’ unique circumstances.


Case Story

Santa Cruz Implements “Granny Flat” Program

Like many small cities across the country, Santa Cruz is struggling to maintain its small-town character despite enormous growth pressures.With few new development sites left, the city has turned to its primary asset for help – its single-family neighborhoods, where it is allowing property owners to develop accessory dwelling units, commonly known as a “granny flat.

Case Story

Grass Valley Develops Program for Workforce Housing

The City of Grass Valley, like many other communities, has a shortage of affordable or workforce housing. This community’s workforce includes teachers, police officers and nurses. These people work in Grass Valley but are unable to buy a home in Grass Valley.

Case Story

Palmdale Saves Mobile Home Parks

In spring 1997 through a bond issuance, the City of Palmdale’s Housing Authority acquired the Boulders Mobile Home Parks, which comprised 750 unit spaces in several locations. The parks were in danger of being taken into receivership because of their negative financial situation.

Case Story

Santa Barbara Provides for City’s Homeless

The community of Santa Barbara (population 91,000) has one of the most expensive housing markets in the country. The median single-family home price now tops $1 million. Despite the city’s impressive record on producing affordable housing (12 percent of the housing stock), demand far exceeds supply.

Case Story

Watsonville Affordable Housing Development Provides Families Access To Childcare And Transit

Via del Mar, a 40-unit compact housing project on a small downtown site, is an example of what it takes to put together a winning combination to serve the housing needs of low and very low income residents.

Case Story

San Jose Provides Affordable Senior Housing

Mabuhay Court Senior Housing is an example of creatively combining apartments and senior services in one location. The apartments include underground parking and are located directly adjacent to the multi-purpose Northside Community Center that was rebuilt to accommodate and blend-in with the new units. A meditation garden preserves the site’s existing oak trees and provides a majestic setting for reflection and relaxation.

Case Story

Santa Fe Springs Replaces Brownfield Site With Senior Housing

The City of Santa Fe Springs has converted a former brownfield site into a 4.6-acre affordable senior apartment community.

Case Story

Manteca Builds Affordable Senior Apartments

With home prices climbing and affordable rentals becoming scarcer in the area, finding affordable housing has become a challenge for many low-income residents, particularly seniors, many of whom live on fixed incomes. According to the Census 2000, 11 percent (5,409) of the population in Manteca were over the age of 62. The Manteca city council and redevelopment agency have made it a priority to actively pursue development of affordable housing for the community’s seniors.

Case Story

Sausalito Volunteers Help Create Senior Housing

Marin County is one of the most expensive housing markets in the world. Imagine the challenge of building affordable housing in one of the most expensive housing markets in the world. Then imagine the challenge of pulling this off with fundraising, planning and construction oversight done entirely by volunteers.

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