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Case Stories
Health and Community Services


These case stories show examples of how community services can support the creation of healthy neighborhoods. Each story includes lessons learned, links to additional resources and can serve as examples other agencies may consider and adapt to meet their communities’ unique circumstances

 Some of these case stories were prepared in collaboration with other Institute programs.

Case Story

Community Garden in Palm Springs Provides Fresh Food and Community Space

With a vision for healthy ecosystems and urban sustainability, the City of Palm Springs unveiled a popular and successful community garden that is now providing a stronger sense of community and a connection to the environment.

Case Story

Kern County Walking Group Makes Strides in Obesity Prevention

Kern County makes strides towards a healthier and safer community because of an unique collaboration between local officials, the public health department and the Greenfield Walking Group, a local walking group Latino mothers.

Case Story

Union City Recycles Food Scraps and Gives Away Free Compost

Union City adopted a food scrap collection program for residents and businesses in order to reduce landfill waste and increase composting. The program reaches out to community residents and businesses to provide supplies and on-going training, subsidies and other support on food recycling and composting.

The city also sponsors an annual event to give away free compost created through the food scrap recycling program. Last year the program diverted more than 9,000 tons of waste from landfills and gave away 3,000 to 4,000 bags of compost to residents.

Case Story

City of Santa Clarita – Local Agencies Linking Eligible Families to Affordable Health Coverage

Partnering with the Communities for Healthy Kids program at the Institute for Local Government, the City of Santa Clarita increased opportunities for families to enroll their eligible children in no and low cost health coverage.

Case Story

City of Merced – Partnering to Provide Physical Activity Through Joint Use

A population growth spurt in the early 90’s left the residents of Merced without adequate parks and recreation facilities. Joint use agreements allowed the City of Merced and the Merced High School District and Merced City School District to develop a partnership that continues to provide residents, students, and community groups with places to gather and be active.

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