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Nonprofit Partnerships


Partnering with Non-Profits & Community-Based Organizations

Community-based organizations interact with members of the community on a daily basis and are often located in neighborhoods. They have unique and important insight into the challenges and opportunities facing residents in their area. Staff at these organizations are often from the ethnic and cultural populations of the residents and understand the language, cultural and ethnic approaches that work best in building trust and engaging the residents in any endeavor.


Tips on How to Work With Community-Based Organizations

Learn how local agencies can benefit from working with community-based organizations and suggestions for success when working with these organizations.


Making the Most of Contractual Collaborations with Community-Based Non-Profits

Why work with community-based organizations? As resources for local agencies dwindle and the demand for services grows, public entities will out of necessity turn to other sources in the community to fill in gaps or provide for unique needs.

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