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Meeting Resource Center


Meeting Resource Center: Tools for Effective Meetings

Meetings are central to democratic decision-making. Leaders can increase the effectiveness of public meetings with thoughtful advance planning and by taking a few simple steps. The Institute’s Meeting Resource Center aims to help local officials and agency staff in these efforts by providing practical tools and useful materials.


Chairing a Meeting

In this section, the Institute offers resources for chairing a meeting, codes of conduct, preparing for successful meetings and ideas on getting meetings back on track. Video interviews with current and former officials supplement written materials with tips on making meetings productive, maintaining civility and engaging the public.


Enhancing Public Participation

Local agencies inform, consult or deliberate with the greater community in a variety of ways. Resources in this section provide decision makers information on how to enhance their public engagement efforts.

For officials interested in understanding the options and opportunities associated with broadening and deepening their public engagement activities, please check out the Institute’s resources on public engagement.


Parliamentary Procedure

Effective and efficient meetings are well planned and guided by a set of rules.  Materials on open government laws and Rosenberg’s Rules are available in this section of the Meeting Resource Center.


Technology and Meetings

Local agency meetings are an opportunity to engage with residents, media and the greater community. Incorporating technology before, during and after a meeting can enhance transparency, communication and public participation.

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