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AB 1234 Self-Study
Online Test Available


The Institute offers two, one-hour self-study exercises as an option for local officials to satisfy AB 1234 requirements. The self-study materials can also be used to make up for time missed at in-person sessions if the official either arrived late or left early.

Each exercise segment costs $37.50 and may take up to four weeks to process. Payment details are listed in the test instructions below. 

**Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hard copy certificates may be delayed further since staff is not working from the office. To ensure more prompt delivery, please provide an email address when submitting your test.

The two segments are:

  • Part I: Financial Interests and Perks
  • Part II: Transparency and Fairness

In order to satisfy AB 1234 requirements, local officials can take an online OR a written test.

Take the online test:

  1. Read the substantive materials
  2. Take the online test
  3. Pay using PayPal (form is at the conclusion of the test)
  4. Once your test is processed, the Institute will then send you your corrected test with the correct answers and explanations, along with your proof of participation certificate(s)


Take the written test:

  1. Read the substantive materials
  2. Print out take the test
  3. Mail the completed test(s) to the Institute and include the fee ($37.50 per test, $75 for both tests). Mail your packet to 1400 K Street, Suite 205, Sacramento, CA, 95814-3916.
  4. Once your test(s) is processed, the Institute will send you the corrected test(s) with the answers and explanations along with your proof of participation certificate(s). Your participation will be logged in the Institute’s database for record keeping.

Proceeds from the processing fees help cover the Institute’s costs in developing these materials, grading the test and providing the proof of participation certificate(s). Thank you in advance for supporting the Institute’s work in public service ethics!

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