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College and University Resources


Resources for Budgeting and Finance Courses

Local agency budgeting and finance involves dollars and cents, but also larger concepts including the transparency and public involvement.  Institute resources that may be helpful on these topics include those at right and those that follow.


Resources for Land Use Courses

The Institute offers both “nuts and bolts” information about land use planning, as well as more in-depth information on specific sustainability policies and laws.


Resources for Ethics and Public Service Courses

Training future local agency leaders involves exposing them to both the laws that govern public servants’ behavior as well as the values that underlie ethical behavior.  The Institute’s work in public service ethics cover both, on the theory that the law creates only minimum standards for public officials’ conduct.


Resources for Sustainability Courses

Local agencies are embracing policies and practices related to sustainability to save energy, natural resources and money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and make their communities more vibrant places in which to live work and play.  The Institute’s resources for sustainability courses include information about real-world, sustainability best practices, six sustainability resource centers, examples of what cities and counties are doing in ten sustainability areas, case stories, and whitepapers that offer impartial analyses of sustainability issues.


Resources for Intersectoral Collaboration Courses

Cooperation and collaboration with other local agencies, as well as the private and nonprofit sectors, can be critical in today’s era of limited resources.


Understanding Public Agency Meeting Processes

Many professors have their students attend a public agency meeting as part of the assigned coursework.

The following resources can deepen and expand the learning that comes from that experience.


Communicating Effectively in Public Service:
The Virtues of Plain Language

An easy thing elected officials and staff can do to promote transparency and trust in one’s agency is encouraging all agency communications to be in plain language.

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