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CCS Materials and Resources


CCS Partnership’s Evergreen Resources & Materials

The Cities Counties Schools Partnership promotes collaboration across local government agencies.  CCS Partnership leadership has focused its efforts on supporting the needs of children, families, and the roles of the different local agencies.   With an eye towards improving conditions of children, CCS Partnership has produced a variety of materials, including resources for:

  • Community Schools Partnerships (2013)
  • Foster Youth (2007)
  • Safe Routes to Schools (2013)
  • Stretching Community Dollars (2000)
  • Healthy Children, Healthy Communities (2006)

Healthy Children, Healthy Communities

An Action Agenda for Creating Community Wellness Through Preventing Childhood Obesity

CCS developed Healthy Children, Healthy Communities Community Action Guide as a roadmap for communities wanting to create a collaborative effort around childhood obesity. The document, crafted in 2006 after months of research and input from local communities, provides a set of principles and strategies that serve as an “Action Guide for Communities” working towards healthier communities for children and families.


Safe Routes to Schools
Creating Safe Walking and Bicycling Communities: Safe Routes to School Decision Maker’s Toolkit

Creating Safe Walking and Bicycling Communities: Safe Routes to School Decision Maker’s Toolkit

This guide explains active transportation and the conditions in a community that support safe walking and bicycling to schools and other neighborhood destinations.  It offers tools for local governments to support active transportation.  Because decisions about transportation investments in California occur across an array of agencies, the guide explains the regional and state context within which city, county and school leaders will collaborate to create safer walking and bicycling environments.


Foster Youth

Cities, counties and school districts can and should make a difference for emancipating foster youth. Local government and schools can work together to help shepard foster teens into successful adulthood. Doing this will be a service to foster youth and to society as a whole. Cities, counties and schools can work collectively and comprehensively to overcome the piecemeal nature of supports now available to emancipating youth.


Resources for Local Officials on Joint Use of Facilities

Several organizations provide joint use of facilities resources to local officials. Much of this work has been motivated by public health goals of enabling both children and adults to be more physically active by joint use of school/recreational facilities. Irrespective of an agency’s policy goals in pursuing joint use of facilities, these resources offer helpful guidance to local officials on joint use issues.

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