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County of Sacramento

Beacon Participant Profile

“The County of Sacramento is committed to carrying out its operations in ways that are efficient and cost-effective and that minimize its environmental footprint, in order to both provide exceptional services to its constituents and preserve natural resources for current and future generations.” -Sacramento County Climate Action Plan for Government Operations

About Sacramento County

  • Incorporated: 1850
  • Population: 1,418,788 (2010)
  • Location: Extends from the low delta lands between the Sacramento River and San Joaquin River north to about ten miles beyond the State Capitol and east into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The southernmost portion of Sacramento County has direct access to San Francisco Bay.
  • Elevation: At or below sea level
  • Area: 995 square miles

Climate Action Activities

Climate Action Resources


Agency Energy Savings

  • Gold Level, 16% (2014)

Agency Natural Gas Savings

  • Gold Level, 18% (2014)

Agency Greenhouse Gas Reductions

  • Silver Level, 9% (2017)

Community Greenhouse Gas Reductions

Sustainability Best Practices

  • Platinum Level (2014)
Case Story

City and County of Sacramento – Commercial Recycling Program to Address Climate Change

The Sacramento Regional Solid Waste Authority, under a joint powers agreement between the City of Sacramento and Sacramento County, has a business recycling ordinance that requires non-exclusive franchised haulers to provide – and businesses to subscribe to – recycling services.

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