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City of Millbrae

Beacon Participant Profile

“Improving the health of our community and environment will lead to a sustainable society where the current needs are met and will ensure that this opportunity also exists for future generations so that they may live healthy, productive and comfortable lives.” – Sustainable Millbrae

About Millbrae

  • Incorporated: 1948
  • Population: 21,532 (as of 2010)
  • Location: Approximately 14 miles South of San Francisco in San Mateo County.
  • Area: 3.2 square miles

Climate Action Activities

Climate Action Resources


    Agency Energy Savings

    • Platinum Level, 42% (2015)

    Agency Natural Gas Savings

    Agency Greenhouse Gas Reductions

    • Gold Level, 15% (2016)

    Community Greenhouse Gas Reductions

    • Gold Level, 19% (2020)
    • Silver Level, 5% (2015)

    Sustainability Best Practices

    • Platinum Level (2015)

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