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LEND Program Organizes and Trains Diverse Millbrae Residents in Disaster Preparedness

Case Story

The Millbrae Fire Department organized the “Location, Emergency, Number of People and Disposition” (LEND) program in 2007 to bring together a network of community volunteers and resources to help during major emergencies. A team of firefighters provides a series of classes focused on aiding first responders. The participants learn how to assess and communicate injuries and dangerous situations within the city during a major catastrophe by means of a two-way handheld wireless radio system. The network creates a means of communication in case normal telecommunication is disrupted. In an emergency, the LEND radio operators, Millbrae HAM radio operators and volunteers who have CERT training would coordinate with the city’s Emergency Operations Center, which includes a state-of-the-art mobile communications van, to prioritize the most dangerous areas and injured people in most dire need of services.

Millbrae’s 21,000 residents are culturally diverse. This year, a Mandarin Chinese language emergency preparation class was presented for the first time. There are also plans to incorporate the Millbrae “Volunteers in Policing” as partners in the program.

“Amazing things happen when you gather and train people who care about each other and their community. They want to learn more and more,” said Millbrae City Councilwoman Marge Colapietro. “It is very important to keep the training and the volunteers regularly linked as we do during a monthly radio net drill.”

“Our residents have a desire to volunteer. We want to feel we contribute in a meaningful way, and by doing so, really make a positive difference in our community. Millbrae has a variety of public service opportunities to offer. Public Safety has always been the number one priority in our community, so our Fire and Police Department staffs relate well to volunteers. Well trained volunteers are one of the greatest assets a community can hope for in both short and long term emergency and disaster planning,” continued Councilwoman Colapietro.

For more information, contact Millbrae Councilwoman Marge Colapietro at:

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