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County of San Diego

Beacon Participant Profile

“Despite its global nature, many climate change solutions and especially its impacts will occur at the regional and local levels. There are many actions our region could take to prepare for the projected impacts and do our part to reduce greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. While these actions are most directly focused on reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and preparing for impacts, the success of climate action will ultimately be determined by our ability to do so in ways that also create jobs, improve social equity, and protect our environment – in short, promote sustainable, livable communities and a high quality of life in our region.”- San Diego Association of Governments Climate Action Strategy Plan

About San Diego County

  • Established: 1850
  • Population: 3,095,313
  • Location: Southwestern most corner of California, South of Orange County
  • Elevation: Ranges from sea level to 6,500 feet
  • Area: 4,206.63 square miles

Climate Action Activities

Climate Action Resources


Agency Energy Savings

  • Platinum Level, 23% (2014)
  • Gold Level, 10% (2013)

Agency Natural Gas Savings

  • Platinum Level, 22% (2014)
  • Gold Level, 10% (2013)

Agency Greenhouse Gas Reductions

  • Platinum Level, 26% (2016)
  • Gold Level, 12% (2014)

Community Greenhouse Gas Reductions

Sustainability Best Practices

  • Platinum Level (2016)
  • Gold Level (2013)
Case Story

San Diego County’s Efficient Fleet

San Diego County is turning to fuel-efficient vehicles to help save money
and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, from 2010 to 2011, the greenhouse gas emissions from San Diego County’s fleet declined from 28,659 to 27,758 metric tons even though vehicle miles traveled actually increased as the county employees gained additional responsibilities because of health care reform and realignment.

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