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CCS Partnership values interagency collaboration and promotes recognition through each association’s award program as award winners serve as useful examples of success stories for other local agencies to emulate. The League’s Helen Putnam Award Program includes a CCS Partnership Award for Intergovernmental Collaboration and CSBA’s Golden Bell Awards includes a category for Community Schools through Partnerships and Collaboration.

In 1999 CCS Partnership established the Community Partnership Awards. These awards were given on a competitive basis with communities invited to apply. A group of applicants were selected to come to a conference with a team of their partners to present their program to a panel of judges. The panel then selected communities to receive the awards. Below is a list of communities who received awards from CCS Partnerships in the time period of 1999-2000.

Anaheim Achieves - A citywide collaborative aimed at assuring that all Anaheim’s children maximize their learning potential, develop healthy lifestyles, practice responsible citizenship, and envision meaningful and productive lives.

Community Partnership for Families of San Joaquin - Partnership to better coordinate existing community services and improve relationships with those being served.

Elsinore Valley Community Action Planning (EVCAP) - Community-wide program based on the idea that the entire community is an educational institution for children.

National City Adult School – State-of-the-art facility to maximize community access to educational and employment opportunities for adults in the communities between San Diego and international border with Mexico.

Peninsula Partnership – An integrated system of the city and school services to improve the health and welfare of the children and families in San Mateo County.

San Diego’s “6 to 6″ Program – Before and after school program with structured activities that promotes enthusiasm for learning and building academic skills.

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