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Wildfire Risk & Resilience


Webinar Description

Wildfires have become more expensive and damaging in recent decades, costing billions of dollars every year. Since 2005 more than 89,000 structures have been destroyed by wildfire. In the last 20 years, wildfires threatened nearly 2,000 U.S. communities. Unfortunately, the long-term impacts of wildfire disasters are felt most acutely at the local level with more than 45% of recovery and restoration costs borne by cities, counties, small businesses, and property owners.

This webinar features a guided tour of the new Wildfire Risk to Communities tool and an in-depth discussion with local officials about their wildfire adaptation experience.


  • Adam Hanks, City Administrator, City of Ashland, Oregon
  • Carolyn Coleman, Executive Director, League of California Cities
  • Chris Chambers, Wildfire Division Chief, City of Ashland, Oregon
  • Mary Joyce Ivers, Deputy Director of Public Works, City of Ventura
  • Justice Jones, Wildfire Mitigation Program Manager, City of Austin, Texas
  • Kelly Pohl, Associate Director, Headwaters Economics
  • Frank Fay, Fire Ecologist, USDA Forest Service

Moderated by Erica Manuel, CEO & Executive Director, Institute for Local Government


Webinar Slides for Wildfire Risk & Resilience: Using Data to Mitigate Risk for the Most Vulnerable Populations

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Wildfire Risk & Resilience




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