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Sustainable Recreation: How to Get an Economic Boost while Protecting and Preserving the Environment


About this Webinar

Recreational areas throughout the State of California have experienced a substantial growth in visitors over the past couple years. From pandemic related travel restrictions to an increased desire for outdoor activities, individuals continue to flock to these often rural locations on local government, state and federal land to explore what California’s beautiful open spaces have to offer. 

While this boost in tourism provides benefits to local economies, it also creates concern over adverse impacts to the environment, wildlife, and surrounding communities from overuse and overcrowding. On this webinar, local agency and government representatives will discuss their experiences and recommended best practices for establishing sustainable recreation that protects and preserves California’s valuable recreational areas for the benefit of all. 


  • John Wentworth, Board President of Eastern Sierra Sustainable Recreation Partnership/Mayor Pro Tem Town of Mammoth Lakes
  • Bob Gardner, Mono County Supervisor
  • Danna Stroud, Regional Community-Based Solutions Manager, GO-Biz

Moderated by Melissa Kuehne, Senior Program Manager, Institute for Local Government


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