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Supporting California’s Immigrant Communities
A Path Forward: Public-Private Partnerships to Engage Communities and Expand Legal Services for Immigrants


About this Event

California is home to 11 million immigrants – over a quarter of the state’s population.  While federal debates over legalization and other immigration policies are happening, local governments across California are stepping up to support the security and wellbeing of immigrants in their communities through innovative public-private partnerships. 

ILG is committed to building local governments’ capacity to engage the diverse communities they serve. We believe that public-private partnerships can help serve communities, bridge sectors and achieve greater impact and equity. 

ILG is pleased to co-host a virtual event with Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees (GCIR), Grove Foundation and the Zellerbach Family Foundation to bring local governments and foundations together to learn about the needs of California’s immigrant communities and examples of new partnerships between local government and philanthropy to expand legal services for immigrants. This special event will feature:

  • an overview of immigration statistics,
  • a summary of recent research findings,
  • speakers from leading immigration policy institutes, local governments, and foundations, and
  • a small group discussion.

This session is designed for local government staff spearheading refugee and immigration programs, elected officials, senior staff at local agencies, and philanthropic or private funders interested in learning more about how they can expand immigrant services in their communities. 


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