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Welcoming California Learning Network: Peer-To-Peer Exchange to Build Stronger Communities


Purpose and Goals

The Welcoming California Learning Network is an opportunity to share lessons from the planning process and ongoing implementation of multi-sector immigrant welcoming efforts in Redwood City and Oakley in California.  The network also has the potential to expand the existing resources and tools available to local agencies to consider and apply immigrant-friendly practices.  Local agency officials that participate in the network will have the chance to:

  • Hear from local agency leaders who are responding to demographic change and supporting long-term immigrant integration in a way that speaks to and benefits all members of the community. 
  • Access new tools and resources to help support enhanced immigrant integration in their communities.
  • Participate in learning exchanges that highlight promising practices identified in the national Welcoming Cities initiative being launched by Welcoming America.

Structure and Process

The Welcoming California Learning Network will be coordinated and facilitated by the Institute for Local Government and members will include:

  • Project and steering committee members and leaders from Redwood City Together and You Me We = Oakley
  • Local officials (staff and elected) from other cities and counties interested in immigrant welcoming practices

The Welcoming California Learning Network exchanges will include in-person meetings, online communication (conference calls, webinars) along with resources shared on ILG’s website.

See link to information about the first Welcoming California Learning Network meeting at right.

Let Us Hear from You

Please share your hopes and expectations for the Welcoming California Learning Network by answering the questions below.

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