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Recycling Programs at Apartment Complexes: Success Tips for Local Officials


This webinar, the fourth in a series offered by the Institute for Local Government, explores different ways to work with apartment owners and managers to increase recycling by apartment tenants. The panelists highlight successful strategies to reach apartment residents and provide examples of resources to assist cities and counties. The webinar also provides a brief update on California’s proposed commercial recycling regulations, including provisions related to apartments.

For more information and resources on commercial recycling – visit ILG’s Commercial Recycling Resource Center.

Click here to download the webinar presentation.


Speakers Include:

  • Cara Morgan, Branch Chief, Local Assistance & Market Development, CalRecycle, State of California
  • Pat Quinn, Planning Program Manager, Waste Management & Recycling Department, Sacramento County
  • Steve Harriman, Integrated Waste Manager, City of Rancho Cordova
  • Cory Koehler, Senior Deputy Director, Rental Housing Association of Sacramento Valley
  • Ken Prue Recycling Program Manager, Environmental Services Department, City of San Diego
  • Yvonne Hunter, Climate Change Program Director, Institute for Local Government

This webinar is the fourth in a series offered by the Institute for Local Government in collaboration with CalRecycle to provide information and resources tailored to local agencies interested in adopting a commercial recycling ordinance.

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