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For many California local governments, professional development and training is a luxury they can’t afford. With support from generous people like you, ILG can continue to provide low-cost and no-cost webinars, written resources and training sessions designed specifically for staff and elected officials at cities, counties and special districts.

Your investment in ILG is an investment in the future of the public sector. 

Together, we can promote good government at the local level and support the next generation of public agency leaders.

Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. Every dollar helps. ILG is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and your donation will be tax-deductible.

Members of our Giving Circle donate $250 or more. 

Give Your Gift Today!

You can donate by mailing a check to:
Institute for Local Government
1400 K Street, Suite 205
Sacramento, CA 915814

Or you can donate via PayPal below.

To donate online please click here. Any donors over $250 will be added to our Giving Circle!

If you would like to donate your excess campaign funds, please email for more information.

Join the Giving Circle with a donation of $250 or more!

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