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Work-Based Learning


Work-Based Learning Work-based learning is an instructional strategy that connects students to the world of work, involves partners, provides students a continuum of experiences, prepares students for success in careers or post-secondary education and benefit the student, the partner the teach and the school.

This recorded webinar about work-based learning helps viewers to:

  • Analyze aspects of high-quality work-based learning
  • Clearly understand planning components for work-based learning
  • Identify key opportunities to set a vision for WBL (WBL Plan)
  • Be able to access and use WBL resources

Work-based learning is important to public agencies because it provides youth with:

  • Awareness and exploration of government agencies
  • What careers are available?
  • What education and/or training is required?
  • Development of college- and career- readiness skills
  • Civic awareness and engagement

Thanks to James Cole with NAF (National Academy Foundation) for recording this webinar in September 2016.

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