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Specific Plan

SRTS Toolkit

A specific plan is a tool to help implement the general plan. A city or county may prepare a specific plan for an area within its jurisdiction to provide a greater level of detail than is typically included in the general plan.  Specific plans may be helpful for implementing smart growth, complete streets, and other types of sustainable development.



School members, local government officials and the community at large can collaborate on a specific plan to achieve the vision for a new school.


The City of Long Beach has enacted a specific plan to improve wellness and sustainability by creating active transportation corridors and implement land use planning for sustainability along Long Beach Boulevard. Increased bicycling and walking will help link neighborhoods to local schools.
More information at: Long Beach Awarded Funding for Healthy and Sustainable Planning

Kern County created a specific trails plan that links existing bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure with 15 miles along the Kern River.


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