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School Travel Demand Management Strategies

SRTS Toolkit

Travel demand management reduces the number of cars traveling to and from schools by encouraging carpools and other modes of transportation. Examples of travel demand management strategies for schools include:


  • School parking standards
  • Bicycle-sharing programs
  • Car-sharing programs
  • Modal integration (bringing together transportation options for smooth connections between different types of transportation; for example rail-to-bus, bus-to-bicycle)
  • Park-and-ride programs
  • Forming school bicycle collectives
  • Walking school buses or bicycle trains
  • Remote school drop-off and pick-up sites

These strategies can be tied into the school travel plan.


Local governments and air quality management districts are likely to have travel demand specialists on staff that may be able to provide suggestions for school travel demand management programs.


The SchoolPool program in San Diego County helps parents find carpool, bicycling and walking partners for trips to and from school by using a convenient online ride matching system. SchoolPool is sponsored by iCommute, a program of the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG).


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