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Regional Transportation Improvement Program

SRTS Toolkit






A regional transportation improvement program is a listing of all transportation projects proposed by a metropolitan planning organization.  Metropolitan planning organizations are required to maintain a five-year program for planned transportation projects, including recommended projects like new facilities, rehabilitation and operational improvements. 

The regional transportation improvement program can benefit safer, more walkable and bikeable communities by directing investments in transit, rail and bus facilities, intersection improvements and infrastructure for sidewalks and bicycle lanes. 

Projects are prioritized for funding according to local prioritization, consistency with the current regional transportation plan, inter-county connectivity, financial constraint, air quality conformity requirements, and other criteria that the metropolitan planning organization may deem important.


Transportation projects should be included in the regional transportation improvement program of the region’s metropolitan planning organization so that they are included in the list of priority projects for funding.  School need to partner with a city or county government to be included since schools are not members of the metropolitan planning organizations.


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