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Pedestrian (Master) Plan

SRTS Toolkit

Similar to bicycle plans, a pedestrian plan is a document that describes a local agency’s long range plans for pedestrian infrastructure and related programs. These plans supplement the general plan and include goals and map out priority projects. 

A pedestrian plan is important so that future development supports rather than impedes pedestrian paths and safe routes to school. The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center provides information on integrating support for pedestrians into plans and policies. To create a good bicycle/pedestrian master plan one should:

  • Determine community vision and objectives.
  • Facilitate public participation.
  • Document locations and use of existing facilities.
  • Identify and prioritize locations needing improvement.
  • Evaluate alternatives and determine solutions.
  • Review, revise, and recommend transportation and land use policies.
  • Establish key design procedures.
  • Prepare plans that meet federal requirements.
  • Evaluate and revise plans.

While pedestrian plans are typically infrastructure-oriented, these plans can also include information on pedestrian-related events. Local governments and schools can brainstorm together to come up with ideas for walk-friendly events such as school walkathons, parades and walk to school day activities.



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