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Local Sales Tax Measures

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In California, local sales tax measures make up a significant portion of revenues for roads and transit.  These revenues could be leveraged to enhance bicyclists and pedestrians infrastructure.  Additionally, special voter-approved taxes can be used to specifically fund active transportation projects.


Voters are more likely to support a tax measure if there is a school nexus.


Nineteen California counties have passed transportation taxes.

In 2000, Alameda County renewed Measure B, a half cent transportation sales tax which designates 5 percent, or $80 million, over 20 years to pedestrian and bicycle safety.  Seventy five percent of those funds are allocated to cities in Alameda County. This gives cities the opportunity to develop long term plans and prioritize active transportation goals. See more: Alameda County Measure B

The County of Marin passed “Measure A” which adopted a half-cent transportation sales tax to benefit local transportation projects.  It was the first county in the nation to include funding for Safe Routes to Schools in their local tax measure. Jurisdictions can use Measure A revenue as matching funds to secure state and federal grants for transportation improvements. 


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