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Capital Improvement Plan

SRTS Toolkit

Local governments use capital improvement plans to identify funding allocations and specific capital projects in the near term (four to 10 year span). Capital improvement plans are often adopted around the same time as annual municipal budgets and are therefore closely aligned with what the municipality’s priorities are and what it will be able to fund in the coming year(s).


Consider integrating pedestrian, bicycle and other active transportation considerations into upcoming capital improvement plans. While the capital improvement plan doesn’t necessarily include funding for projects, it does show prioritization that places these projects on the government and public ‘radar’ and next in line for available funds.


The City of Sacramento’s 2011-2016 Capital Improvement Plan includes transportation funding under seven major areas.  Pedestrian-related improvements are included in the areas of:

  • Operations and Safety (new traffic signals and signal modifications)
  • Traffic Operations Center
  • Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (speed humps, pedestrian safety and safety light program)
  • Community Enhancements (street light program and pedestrian improvements program)
  • Public Rights-of-Way Accessibility (Americans with Disabilities Act compliance)


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