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Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Education

SRTS Toolkit

Bicycle and pedestrian safety education should be part of any safe routes to school program or strategy to improve safety for bicyclists and pedestrians in a community.  Safety education compliments engineering and enforcement activities.  Bicycle and pedestrian safety programs can be offered as formal curriculum to students, or to parents and neighbors in a community.


  • At a school level, bicycle and pedestrian safety programs can be delivered within school physical education curriculums, with volunteers from local bicycle clubs, police departments and non-profit safety promotion agencies. Cities and counties can provide similar programs through parks and recreation departments for residents of all ages.
  • School districts can insert curriculum requirements within physical education, science, math and other subjects and before and after-school programs can promote active transportation or recognize teachers who incorporate active transportation into their curriculum.


  • The City of Sacramento has a program called the “Captain Jerry Traffic Safety Program” initiated in 1992 to educate children on traffic safety including safe travel to and from school, use of seatbelts, walking in crosswalks, watching for cars, bicycle rules, and school bus safety.


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