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Active Transportation Tips for County Leaders

SRTS Toolkit

Ask “what has already been done?” to promote safe and active transportation.

  • How is active transportation addressed in our county general plan?
  • How is active transportation considered when determining public works project priorities?
  • Has the county board of supervisors considered minimum allocations to active transportation funding?
  • Have I heard about challenges and opportunities from knowledgeable staff in planning, public works or law enforcement?
  • How is active transportation addressed by regional planning agencies?
  • How is our board linked to city and regional transportation agencies?  Has our liaison reported on active transportation priorities and investments to our board of supervisors?
  • What community-based organizations have studied the situation and developed recommendations?

Set Direction and Establish Structure

  • Build a shared understanding on your board and within your county of the benefits of active transportation. Back your beliefs with research.  Start with
  • Incorporate active transportation goals and plans into your planning processes.  Opportunities include updates to the county’s general plan and any specific plans for areas within your county, which may include a climate action plan, bicycle master plan or pedestrian plan.  More information about different City, County, School and Regional Plans here.
  • Ensure that zoning and parking codes are in alignment with active transportation goals.
  • Encourage collaboration across local efforts to promote resident health and safety.
  • Include active transportation in infrastructure planning, financing and resource allocations, with a particular focus on those areas around schools in unincorporated areas where the county acts as the local jurisdiction and provides the transportation infrastructure.
  • Where needed, assign responsibility for assessing and developing active transportation recommendations to a collaborative body that represents interests of all residents. Include city leaders, business, schools, health, law enforcement, and pedestrian and bicycle organizations. 

Walk Your Talk

  • Ask the appointed board liaison to your county or regional transportation planning agency to champion this issue.
  • Invest and advocate for projects that support active transportation. 
  • Promote and participate in active transportation events.
  • Model physical activity.  Host walking constituent meetings. Create a challenge to fellow board members. Clock and post your walking and bicycling miles. 
  • Request regular active transportation progress reports to the board.

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