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Property Tax Assessment Appeals


The Institute for Local Government has prepared a one page flyer that can help explain the property tax assessment appeals process to the average property owner. It is intended to help local agencies assist property owners who are considering filing an assessment appeal.

 The flyer can be used a number of ways:

  • It can be made available as a handout at assessor’s offices or appeals boards;
  • It can be attached to hard copy or electronic notices; and
  • It can be included as a link in an agency website.

The flyer is available in two forms (see Documents & Resources window at right).

1. A PDF version that can be used as is (including as links in an agency website).

2. A Word version (DOC) that local agencies can customize for their own needs.

Special thanks to the following individuals for providing peer review and helpful comments on the content of this resource:

  • Barry Bosscher, Special Assistant, Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office
  • David K. Ginsborg, Deputy to the Assessor, Santa Clara County
  • Eric Haagenson, Chief Appraiser, Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office
  • Dean Kinnee, Chief, County-Assessed Properties Division, Board of Equalization
  • Ken Stieger, Sacramento County Assessor
  • Mike Strong, Sutter County Assessor
  • Ron Thomsen, Alameda County Assessor

Final decisions about the content of this publication were made by the Institute.

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