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Online Dialogue and Deliberation – Best Practices and Resources


Publications, best practices, reports and other resources about online dialogue and deliberation that can help local governments and regional agencies inform and engage the public.


Online Town Hall Meetings: Study on Public Trust Implications

This study, conducted in collaboration with a variety of universities and funded by foundations, analyzes Congress’ experience with using online town hall meetings. 

The study concludes that the online town halls as conducted in the study improved the relationship between the elected official and participants.  The report also offers tips (beginning on page 29 of printed document) on conducting successful town meetings.


Using Online Tools to Engage – and be Engaged by – The Public
IBM Center for the Business of Government and Deliberative Democracy Consortium

This report provides practical tactics and tools for busy public managers as they pursue efforts to better engage both their employees and citizens in uncovering innovative approaches, making better decisions and delivering more effective services to the public.


Open Policy Making 101: 10 Questions to Ask Before Launching Your Online Public Consultation
AmericaSpeaks and Ascentium, November 2009

Learn about using online tools to solicit public and stakeholder participation on new policies and programs.

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