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Intergovernmental Conflict Resolution: Sample Newsletter Articles


Please feel free to adopt any of the sample newsletter articles available in the Documents & Resources pod at right to help your membership take advantage of these intergovernmental conflict resolution pamphlets:

  • A Local Official’s Guide to Selecting a Conflict Resolution Professional for Inter-Agency Disputesis the newest publication in a series of resources to encourage and support local officials’ use of alternative dispute resolution to address disputes and disagreements between public agencies.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution: Navigating Special Legal Issues in Public Agency Disputes is the second publication in the series and explores legal issues related to using alternative dispute resolution that are specific to public agency disputes.
  • A Local Official’s Guide to Intergovernmental Conflict Resolution discusses conflict resolution strategies that address the causes and consequences of inter-agency disputes.

These guides are the product of the Institute’s Intergovernmental Conflict Resolution Program, a program supported by the JAMS Foundation. These resources are available without charge in electronic form on our website. Hardcopies are also available for a small charge. Proceeds from all publications sales support the Institute’s work in service to local officials.

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