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Emergency Preparedness – Best Practices and Resources


Public engagement-related publications, best practices, reports and other resources to help counties and cities address issues relating to public emergency preparedness.


Emergency Preparedness in the Neighborhood: Engaging Residents as Partners in Disaster Planning and Response

Groups of residents on the SF Peninsula are organizing at the neighborhood level to work with local governments and prepare themselves for emergencies. 


Ensuring Citizen Involvement in Disaster Response

This article in Public Entity Risk Institute (PERI) written by Shirley Laska looks at how the Katrina/BP “Upheaval” Questions Traditional Thinking on the Government’s Response. 


Integrating Immigrant Families in Emergency Response, Relief, and Rebuilding Efforts

This publication is by Grantmakers Concerned for Immigrants and Refugees and the Annie E. Casey Foundation offers a framework for how local governments can incorporate Limited English Proficient (LEP) residents into the emergency planning process, increase their preparedness, and develop capacity in key public agencies to communicate with and serve these residents. 


Master Plan for Incorporation of Congregations in San Mateo County Office of Emergency Services Natural Disaster and Community Crisis Preparedness and Response Summary

This summary was prepared by the Peninsula Clergy Network and describes the framework in which congregations can foster, support, and coordinate efforts to prepare residents for emergency preparedness and response. 

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