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Building California: Infrastructure Choices and Strategy
Little Hoover Commission, January 2010


If California is to emerge from the recession more economically competitive, state leaders must develop an infrastructure
strategic plan that prioritizes the state’s most pressing needs and identifies new ways to pay for the billions of dollars of infrastructure the state will need.” Little Hoover Commission Chairman Daniel Hancock

Following its earlier study of how the state spends bond money, the Commission grew concerned about the growing use of bonds as the primary method of paying for infrastructure in recent years and the pressure that bond debt service places on the state’s general fund and by extension, other state programs. In this report, the Commission found that the way the state currently funds its infrastructure is inadequate to meet future demand. A lack of planning, along with methods of delivering infrastructure that fail to take advantage of the full range of options, contribute to the state’s inability to meet its growing infrastructure needs. The Commission also sees significant opportunity in how the state could deliver infrastructure through the expanded yet careful use of public-private partnerships.

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